Is Your Email Address Professional?

Is Your Email Address Professional?

I see a lot of businesses who don’t use their domain name in their email address. For example their domain name is, but their email address is Now this may be okay for a one man business, but what about businesses with multiple employees or departments?

It is easy to setup multiple email addresses under the same domain name. For example:

or alternatively:

In my opinion this looks professional, not to mention consistent from a branding point of view, when the full business domain name is used in the business email addresses.

One other suggestion. I recommend using generic titles before the “@” in the email address (eg accounts@, info@, sales@). Why?

Well imagine that your accounts person is named Jane Doe, and her email address is What happens when Jane leaves the business and you employ John Smith as the accounts person?

You either have a situation where John Smith has to have access to the email address, or you have to let all your clients and other people that emails to accounts must now go to – either way it is messy.

If the email address for accounts is, then it doesn’t matter who the accounts person actually is.

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